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Friday, January 20, 2012

Whatever Potato!

One thing I've learned the hard way is try my best to not curse in front of baby girl. I knew I was in the clear the first couple of years so I'd drop the f-bomb freely, without a care in the world. Until suddenly she began dropping f-bombs at three. Holy crap! All I could think was, "What have I done? What if she says this in public or at day care or even worse... my mother's house!" The fear of the f-bomb coming out of my sweet little girl's mouth haunted me day and night. Not really because I loath the f-bomb... I actually love it. However, the fear of other people hearing my daughter say it was terrifying because they'd think I was total white trash.

The first time she dropped the f-bomb was at her father's house. He looked at me with that, "Oh I KNOW where she heard that word," look and I just acted so surprised. I said instantly, "She must have learned that in daycare!" His reply was, "Oh I'm sure the Christian Day Care teachers use that language all the time."

Ugh. I didn't make a big deal of it because I have always heard that if you ignore something and don't give a lot of attention to it, they'll get bored of the bad word and forget it. That process took about four months until finally she stopped saying it.

Now, she's come up with her own version of a curse word - potato. Yes it's true. Potato is the new douche bag. 

She'll get mad at her brother and say, "Iyam maaad at you. You a bad potato." It happens daily. Or she'll whisper it under her breath when I ask her to do something she doesn't want to do. She'll say, "Whatever potato," in a disgusted tone. 

The other day one of my son's friends spent the night and baby girl was in a potato/douche bag name calling kind of a mood. She was dropping the P-bomb like a three-year-old sailor! My son's friend finally looked at me and said, "Should we allow her to use such language?" and I couldn't help but crack up. What am I going to do? I KNOW what she means by saying it, however it's the word potato! If she drops a P-bomb at school I'm totally in the clear because they won't know what it means. They'll just think this kid loves her french fries, right? 

So go ahead baby girl... P-bomb away! 

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  1. I have also learned that the hard way. My son hears me say the f-bomb all the time. I have tried working on it and the funniest part is when he says Mommy says not to say and he will list almost every bad word and keep saying it. But he thinks its ok cause he said Mommy said not to say those words. Now he says tartar sauce which he got from spongebob. Guess thats better for now!

  2. Bahaha... I love it! I can hear my daughter doing that... "Mommy says not to say f-bomb, sht, dmn, etc." I would probably just bust out laughing, which is never good! Tarter Sauce is perfect... sort of like potato! :)


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