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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From Chuck E. Cheese to Sushi

I can't believe my son will be 18 years old in just a few weeks. That is such a milestone in his life. And, really, it's a big milestone in mine as well. 

I think back of the days when he was so sweet - always wanting to please and do well. Now he doesn't try to impress. I remember when he was innocent and naive. Now he's sort of a perv that dry humps the air and walls to rap songs like a stripper in a club. I remember when it was so easy to make him happy for his birthdays - when Disney and Chuck E. Cheese were his favorites. Now, he wants dinner at a Sushi Restaurant and then plans to hit clubs at midnight when he's officially of legal age. Instead of scrubbing off temporary tattoos, I am shown photos of permanent tattoos he plans on getting. 

Reflecting back on his childhood is bitter sweet. He has been by my side his entire life, protecting me and always watching out for me. I've been by his side his entire life, protecting him and always watching out for him. I remember telling him when he was younger how I wanted him to stay living at home until he was much older because, truth be told, I couldn't imagine my life without him.

Now I realize that he has to move on and grow, without me watching his every move to make sure he is safe. There comes a time when all moms have to let go of their babies so they can grow into the adults they are meant to be. And, we must realize that they have learned from us how to behave and handle life. I see that in my son. He is strong willed, charming, witty, and compassionate. He's also a major pain in the ass. All of these qualities he has learned from me. 

I will miss having him here all the time when he does officially move out, but I'll also probably enjoy some aspects of it. Not having to hunt for my hair dryer will be nice. Having privacy in my room without him barging in will be nice. Not having to rewash loads of laundry over and over again because he doesn't want to put them away and would rather throw them back in the machine, will be nice. But, those nice aspects don't really out weigh the not-nice aspects of him leaving home. I guess I will have to adjust and realize that the future will also have it's great rewards. And, I will always be his mother. 

I have so much advice to give him as he approaches adulthood. But, I think the best advice right now is this: "Son. Remember that now you can be charged as an adult if you get into trouble. So, please remember that when you go out "clubbing" at 18 in the big city!"

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  1. I found the link via BlogHer...and...I'm just a few steps behind you. Or, at least, it 'feels' that way. My son just turned 16 this month. I can't believe he'll be considered an adult in 2 years, the options open to him...specifically that of making his own life impacting decisions. And I know that more times than not, that very thing does surprisingly well. :-) But I will, and already do, miss that little boy that would satellite me, because he couldn't stand to have me out of his sight. Thanks for your post...I can't imagine being there yet, but it's right around the corner. (oh, and my other beasie is 13, going to be 14 in May, so...NOT a toddler).


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