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FAQ's of Marginal Interest

Did you really get knocked up at 41?
Heck yes I did! I was a total heathen. :) Actually it happened about 20 minutes before I left for a Van Halen concert with the Baby Daddy. Hot, right? Well, I ended up getting pink eye and was totally cranky during the concert so I'll never know if those were the byproducts of the instant pregnancy. Who knows? Maybe!

How did your teenage son handle you being pregnant again?
He was pissed at me at first. Literally! He thought I was too old and it was a total embarrassment for him. But, truth is, he was so helpful to me. As I'd sit on the couch with a huge belly, I'd text him  to come in the living room because "Mommy needs some help!" then I'd say, "Could you please hand me the remote control? I can't reach it." It would be 3 feet away from me, which was well beyond my reach. He'd roll his eyes and walk all the way from the other side of the room to hand it to me. What a trooper. Then he'd make a smart ass comment which would make me laugh so hard I'd pee myself and have to run to the bathroom. That was his payback, I guess.

Is there a huge difference between personalities with your kids?
Totally. My son was and always has been very chill. He is charming and smooth. My daughter, on the other hand is a hot freakin' mess. She is so bossy. And, my son and I literally jump to her demands because she will have a meltdown if we don't. This is a problem. We are now trying to not cater to her so much, but that is hard! She is a natural leader. It's a good thing, I think. She'll either become a President or a bank robber... only time will tell.

How do you run a business and raise two kids by yourself?
Am I doing that? I guess I can manage a bunch of crazy antics by having cocktails as often as possible with my friends. I'm at the point in my life where I am loving my job, but not letting it overtake my life. That helps too.

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