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Friday, May 4, 2012

Best excuse for carrying a little weight? I JUST had a baby!

Since my son was born in 1994, I  notoriously used the excuse, "I just had a baby" to explain any extra weight on my body. It worked well with people I didn't know, until of course, they asked me how old my baby was. I would boldly respond, "Oh, he's 13 now." To which their natural next sentence would sound something like this: "Aww... 13 months is such a sweet age." Yes... it is a sweet age. However, I would fail to explain that my kid was 13 years old at the time.

I finally pulled it together and got back to my ideal weight and then all of a sudden I was pregnant again. At first I was concerned about weight gain and then became secretly excited that I wouldn't have to worry about it because I had a good 13 years ahead of me to blame any weight gain on my new baby. The problem is that I'm in my 40s now and as I get older I start to realize that my body begins to crack when I'm not treating it well. Hence, the need to try and figure out a solution that works with my busy schedule and natural non-conformist, rebel attitude about going to the gym.

The idea of fad diets - like the cabbage soup diet (come on ladies... you remember this diet, right?) - does not sound even remotely appealing. Diet pills make my heart race now, much unlike in the 90s when they gave me a buzz. So now, I have to be mature and responsible and try different methods for getting in shape and losing additional, non-wanted body chub.

I recently discovered a fun little yum yum that Dr. Oz spoke about on his show. (Okay, truth is I was flipping through the channels and accidently ran across his show and got stuck there for an hour.) The little yum yums are called Re-Body® Hunger Chews™. According to the Doc, these chews help control cravings, which in turn help control weight gain. Hmm... okay... sounds a bit interesting. Then I researched the product to find that it contains a fancy ingredient called Satiereal® which is an extract of Saffron. So you ask, what the hell is Saffron? Okay, you might not have asked that, but I did ask it with the voices in my head because I'm not a mom who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

Here is the cool part: Saffron is a spice. It is also a natural appetite regulator THAT... wait for it... helps regulate the levels of serotonin in the brain, which are responsible for mood and appetite. Dude! Really? When I began doing research on Re-Body® Hunger Chews™ I found a scientific study done in 2010 by a team of French researchers who found that saffron had the capacity to boost serotonin while dramatically decreasing feelings of hunger between meals. Common sense tells me that if we can boost the serotonin (girls on anti-depressants know all about serotonin... been there... done that, right?) then we can certainly curb our stress and emotional eating habits. That makes sense.

Click on this link to find the yum yums on line to order.
I received a package in the mail and immediately ripped it open and ate one. All before reading the directions, of course. It tasted like a piece of chewy mandarin orange flavored candy, sort of like Skittles but bigger and better. After inhaling the first one, I read the package to find that the directions call for one chew twice daily before meals. And, of course they disclaim that a healthy diet and moderate exercise, along with Re-Body® Hunger Chews™, are a delicious solution for a weight management program. Blah, blah, blah.

So far I've been taking the Re-Body® Hunger Chews™ daily for about three weeks. Truth is, I feel much better. I haven't had any spikes in "the beast" - what my son affectionately calls my mood swings - and I'm not craving sugars and snacks throughout the day. And, this morning, I put on my favorite jeans and they are loose. Bonus! Unfortunately, years ago I disposed of all scales in my home and have banned them indefinitely so I don't know how much weight I've actually lost, but I can tell by the clothes I'm wearing that success is happening.

I highly recommend that my girls try this little yummy miracle in a bag. It's tasty. It's fun. It tames the beast. It'll slim up the chub and bring you back to sporting that super hot body in no time. And, the best part is that you won't have to use the, "I just had a baby... ummm 13 years ago" excuse anymore! Word!

After you have tried them, be sure to post on and let me know how it is working for you. I'll keep posting updates on my experience as well. And, if you have already tried them be sure to post about your experience to share with our readers!

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