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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Definition of a Hot Mess Girl Party

DEFINITION: hot mess girl party [hot mess girl par-tay]  - A night that consists of all or most of the following: a Chinese New Year's celebration, red clothing for good luck, chop sticks, round dime-sized chewy balls with vodka, a meatball on a stick (for those who are chopstick handicapped), 700 photos taken throughout the evening (all bad photos deleted), a bar filled with Roller Derby prom dates, a rock-the-house band (it's additionally cool to know the band members), an 80's flashback dancer who flips her hair continuously while dancing alone as she sports tight white spandex and sprays her hair with Aqua Net for extra hold (all while never missing a step), an 85-pound roller derby male photographer who needs an escort, by a hot mess party participant, to the parking lot because he's afraid of the dark, a bathroom with only four stalls - two of which are broken, Napoleon Dynamite (yes, he was there), an extra-large butt crack ultimately promising to be the best photo opportunity of the evening, two hot mess party participants having to leave early for booty calls with their boys (while some of the married participants said, "I sure miss being excited to have sex... best line of the night, I might add) and finally, a 2:00 a.m. McDonald's drive through "sit-u-ation" that resulted in two 44-year-old hot mess girl party participants almost having a throw down with mouthy teenagers.

If, by chance, you have experienced most or all of the above, you have indeed had a perfect Hot Mess Girl Party. If you have not, then you must try again, because you get a FAIL for fun. 

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  1. I definitely need to go to one of these! Sounds like a hilarious blast of fun for stressed out moms!

    1. LOL... yes it is... sometimes we just have to cut loose and laugh. :)


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