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About me? I guess the best place to start is why I started this blog. I'm a new mom in my 40s with a surprise baby girl. I'm also an old mom in my 40s with a teenage son. The age gap is huge, really, but somehow it works out well for us. When I first got pregnant my son's response was, "Mom! Are you kidding me? Do you realize how old you will be when she graduates high school? I'll have to roll you down the isle in a wheel chair and that's going to suck!"

Nice, right? Well, the truth is, he's right on a few aspects of this. I will indeed be older, but only 59. That's not really old. I certainly don't expect to be in a wheel chair at 59. If I am, then shame on me for eating too many bon-bons and not exercising like a good responsible aging woman should.

What's cool about having a child at this age is that I'm a totally different parent this time. For example, when my son was younger I was so focused on working and building a career so that I could financially take care of him that I missed out on a lot of the really funny, weird things kids do. At my age, I'm totally over the building a career stage of my life. I've learned that money and big fancy toys don't mean anything if you aren't surrounded by family and friends who make you laugh. I care about the basics now. Food. Water. Shelter. Love. Laughter.  That' all that matters. I now understand the old sayings, "You can't take it with you." and "I bet when someone dies they don't regret not working enough." Yup. I get that.

So with that being said, I am loving this parenting thing! It isn't a chore and doesn't even feel like a responsibility like it did before. Now it's freakin' fun as hell! I love that my kids crack me up day and night. Literally. They are a hoot. I love to watch them spread their wings and develop into their personalities. I love giving them space (of course while watching them like a hawk in secret) so they feel and express their independence.

This is why I started my blog. I have been telling the "kid stories" on my facebook page for several years now and all of my friends crack up and we have long threaded conversations about it. People who I haven't physically seen in 30 years, but am in touch with on facebook, know all about my kids and their antics. It's entertaining and also its a great creative outlet for me to publish the stories. So many moms have had the same experiences and when they read mine, it makes them slow down from their busy lives for a moment and laugh. I love that.

I hope you enjoy reading about My Teenager and Toddler! Please follow my stories and I hope you enjoy.

The Mom.


  1. Hi Mom--I'm definitely going to follow! I'm also a mom of a teenager and a toddler...and a special needs child. Yeah, it's crazy all right. Can't wait to hear your stories. Found you on Bloggy Mom.

  2. Hi Angela! Thanks so much for stopping by and following us! So glad you found me. I have tons of stories so hold on and get ready for the ride :)


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