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Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm moving out!

When my son was 15 years old, he decided he was ready to live on his own because he knew it all and I was a moron. I'm sure many moms have experienced the same situation while raising their teens. We were living on our farm that happened to have a guest cottage on the property located only about 100-feet away from the main house. He and I had been fighting most of the day and, rather than the typical statement, "I want to go live with my dad" threat, he packed his bag, grabbed his pillow and blanket and said, "I'm moving out!"

Okay. Where ya going big guy?

Let me just premise this story with the fact that my son is not the bravest soldier in the troop. He has been notorious for sleeping with his light on or at the very least, with his TV on, so he could hear the noise all night rather than obsessing over night-time creepy "farm sounds."

He gathered up his attitude and his belongings and marched out the front door and headed on the long 100-foot journey to the cottage. As the day went on, I never saw him. He would text message me from his new home every once in a while to check in with me and, as expected, the text messages became more frequent as night time approached. I just smiled to myself because I knew he would completely freak out once it was completely dark outside. Oh yes... it was getting close!

At about 10:00 pm that night, I climbed into bed and just as I began to fall asleep, my phone started beeping continuously. It was my son. "Mom! Did you hear that noise? Something is outside the cottage!" he cried frantically. Of course, I'm realizing it was probably a raccoon. He was certain it was a bear. A few minutes later, more text messages arrived.

He typed, "MOM!!! Please please please turn on the light and come to the front porch! I have to get out of here!" as if he were busting out of Alcatraz.

I stayed in bed a few more minutes to let him really appreciate the scary sounds before I went to the front door and turned on the light. I went out on the porch and called his name and I quickly hear, "I'm right here. Are you watching for me?"

"Yes baby... come on home."

Out of the dark, I then saw my sweet teenage son. He was walking so fast dragging his pillow and blanket with him that I thought for a moment I was watching a Charlie Brown cartoon.

As he entered the front door he gave me a huge hug and said, "Well mom. I think you've suffered enough. I've decided to move back home." Ha! Thanks son... it was lonely without you for that entire six hours.

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