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Friday, January 20, 2012

Home made tea from baby girl.

The other day, baby girl and I were playing "tea" at home. She would go behind her kitchen set and work for a bit before bringing me an empty cup to sip along with her. This went on for quite a while. I was trying to stay focused, but just like any mom who still believes she's a 20-year-old, I was also on the iPad playing with Facebook at the same time. This is where everything went wrong.

I started to realize that she wasn't bringing me empty tea cups anymore. They were actually filled with cold water that I had been faithfully drinking each time she brought one over to me. "Oh baby girl... that is so delicious" I found myself saying to her.

Now, I was curious. And, a bit concerned. I watched her as she went behind her little kitchen set. All I could see were her blond curly locks of hair and the top of her head as she worked feverishly to make a new cup of tea. "Okay. Seriously. Where's that water coming from?" I thought to myself.

I went to investigate. To my dismay and surprise, I realized how she was filling her cups! She was taking her sippy cup, which was filled with ice water, and then filling her mouth with the water before spitting it into the cup! It would take about four spits to fill the tea cup that she then would bring it to me to drink. Yummy!

At the end of the tea party, I had consumed about four cupfuls of baby spit. These cups of home made tea were 100% backwash in it's finest form.

What lesson did I learn? Stay off of Facebook when you are consuming something prepared by a three-year-old. This mom needs to stay alert at all time. Baby girl is one innovative little party host!

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