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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Good Friend Knows How You Take Your Coffee. A GREAT Friend Adds Booze.

I saw this statement on a friend's wall on Facebook and began sharing it with my closest friends immediately. With my group of hot mess girlfriends, this statement is about as close to the truth one can get. I love my coffee. And I really love my coffee with a hit of Bailey's in it.

Every morning when I get up, the first thing I do is make coffee. Even the kids know not to speak to me until I've had at least half a cup. At this point, I don't think they even make eye contact with me in the mornings. I'm not sure though because my brain is in a fog and they look like little people blurs. The voices in my head are screaming, and I truly think my arteries begin to shrink as the oxygen level depletes from my body.

Then... a few glorious swallows later, the brain fog starts to rise and the sun begins to shine and all is right and good in my world. I used to wonder if anyone else was as neurotic as I was before their morning coffee, and then Facebook came into our lives. Now I see that I'm not alone in the world of coffee-depraved non-morning mothers. Most early morning posts from my friends go something like this: MUST... HAVE... COFFEEEEEE.... NOW. Short and sweet, but effective and understandable.

I decided to start stepping up my coffee game and try something a bit more sophisticated than the typical grocery store stuff. I found a cool website about coffee and then was led to an online company that sells all sorts of amazing coffee and gifts. It's at called ROASTe. Cute, clever little name.

The first thing you do when you go to the website is choose your coffee profile. LOL... I love it... am I a dark roasted, whole bean, organic, decaf, flavored or espresso-based gal? Umm... all of the above? To narrow it down, I chose organic which took me to the top choices based on my profile. They have names like Jim's Sweet Love or the Appalachian Trail blend which are kind of cute and endearing. I think this mama will have some of Jim's Sweet Love, please. :)

Literally, any type of coffee you can imagine is on the site - which has a bad-ass design, by the way. Because I'm a graphic artist, if I get to a website that looks like a wanna-be hack produced it, I totally glaze over. But this site is gorgeous and it makes me want to drink coffee. Seriously. Where is Jim with his sweet love, right about now?

Since my sophistication has been raised a notch, I am putting in my first order tonight with ROASTe. The prices are reasonable - about the same as what you pay at the grocery for boring, non-sophisticated coffee - and there is FREE shipping for orders over $35. This makes me happy. And, I'll be even happier when Jim gets here and gives me some of his sweet morning lovin'! Since I'm a coupon shopper (hello... single mom.. two kids...) I found a coupon code for $5 OFF on a first coffee purchase. When you go to ROASTe, type in: BLOGME5 at the checkout when you make a purchase. Cool beans! Literally. :)

Word up to my neurotic, fog-brained, non-morning moms... I'll keep ya posted on the yum yum and my new boyfriend Jim.

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